Monday, February 15, 2010

Not creating anything yet...

I am beginning to regret saying I was taking this year off sewing for markets.  Nads at work went to the new Barn market at Rosny on the weekend and said it was great.  I felt a little pang of regret I am not madly sewing towards a market.  Maybe when the weather cools down a bit...

So what have I been doing with my spare time so far in 2010.  Here's the list under my paperweight: 
  • Getting in as many swims as possible before the cooler weather starts.
  • Planning for our big overseas trip - forever online looking at wonderful destinations in Santorini, Rome, Florence, the Cinque de Terre, Nice, Dordogne, Portugal and Paris.  Will we stay in a convent in Rome or Florence? Where in the south of France will we rent a villa?  Such hard decisions.
  • Trying to decide which window treatments to get to make our sunroom warmer this winter.  We are getting a green loan to get better window coverings, a new solar water heater, plus new false ceilings and insulation in a couple of rooms.  I saw a furnishing shop in Kingston advertising window covering choices for energy efficiency and I thought  this was smart advertising as a couple of places I have been into in town didn't know what I was on about..
  • Clutter clearing (I am not really but I thought if I wrote this it might get me back into it - as I was on such a high before Christmas when I was).  This is my 'Fake it till you make it' philosophy!
  • Spending as much time as I can with little Izzie Bizzie who seems to like being babysat by her Nana Lee now.
  • Trying hard to not do any 'shop bothering' or spending as we are saving for our big trip.
  • Admiring my husband who has become a 'step counter extraordinaire' - forever out there walking the streets with his pedometer on.  He has lost heaps of weight and is looking and feeling terrific.  I need to join him more often...
  • Gathering herbs from my splendiferous vegie garden and watching the apples grow on the apple trees.
  • Trying to remember to breathe out more deeply more often.  Doing it now..... Woosh. A big out breath to get rid of some stress, which has been accumulating lately.
  • Putting ice cubes in my white wine (Shauna's advice) so I drink less.  An extra bonus - the glass tinkles nicely.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Too good to be true really

This really does have to be the best Hobart summer I have ever experienced.  A great long weekend - more swimming, my suntan got another little top-up and we had lots of great outings. 

Saturday was a trip to Middleton Fair, which was very hokey and fun  - bought lots of nice fresh vegies and exotic jams. Later we had dinner at friends discussing European travel plans for later in the year.  Sunday was a trip to Eagle Hawk Neck for a special bookclub occasion at Louise's lovely house in the hills - Blowhole fish and chips, a Pirates Bay walk, swim and ice cream.  I know I was relaxed because sitting on Louise's deck aferwards in the late late afternoon I felt like I could have happily sat there for hours more, idly chatting and watching night fall over the water.

Today was brunch at Peppermint Bay with my daughter, adorable grand-daughter (I can't kiss her enough) son-in-law and hublet.  Alan and I had a swim at Coningham Beach on the way home, which really is a very picturesque spot.  This afternoon I was beaten again at scrabble with my aunt Cissy - but it does make her happy to win - so I don't really mind losing.  (I lie - a win again might be nice!)

Life is a tricky one - we have lots of family issues at the moment simmering away below the surface, niggling worries about health issues for the senior folk in our clan and a few issues for some of the youngest ones too - I guess both groups are always the most vulnerable.  But I am trying to grasp the moment and appreciate life as it comes day by day.  Feel like I am succeeding although sleeptime is revealing.  I am waking with a sore jaw from teeth clenching.  We are complex creatures... 

Below is a pic of ust one of the intriguing collections in a little corner of Louise's home.  She's not a gal who is into 'clutter clearing' but openly admits to very selective 'clutter gathering'.  She's building a shed to house her collections!