Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The 5-50-5 knitted dishcloth

I have never been a good knitter.  I seem destined to be a 'beginner' knitter forever.  It doesn't bother me though.  I am slow and steady, like the meditative rhythm of plain knitting and hey it stops me drinking the evening glass of wine too fast! 

I have been knitting these dishcloths one after another for about six months and love them.  They are nicer to use in the kitchen than disposable wettex type products, are washable and actually improve with age. It feels good to make and use something that is not adding to landfill.

I have several in my kitchen, have given them away as gifts and have also made them for the granddaughters to use as dolly blankets.

So here's the pattern for the 5-50-5 dishcloth:
  • Ball of cotton - I use Lily Cotton 4 ply (Sugar 'n Cream)- a 2 oz /56.7g  ball makes about one and a half dishcloths
  • Size 5mm knitting needles

  • Cast on 5 stitches
  • Knit one row
  • Then increase at the start of each row until you have 50 stitches
  • Decrease at the start of each following row (by knitting the first two stitches together) until there are only 5 stitches left
  • Knit one row
  • Cast off
  • Knot and tidy ends

This one is about 5 months old and has been washed many times.  

On the sewing front I have finished another patchwork skirt, this one for 4 year-old Marie. I think I am done with patchworking for a while now!