Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sewing days

Oh I do love sewing.  It's like therapy for me. As soon as the weather gets cooler I feel inspired to sew.  Funny how I  really only like sewing summer clothes though - perhaps by sewing these  summery things I am vicariously imagining warm days again! 

In the last few weeks I have made four new things - two 'shearwater' kaftans, a 'far away  tunic' and a 'madison skirt'- all easy peasy patterns I have bought online.  I have become obsessed with sourcing patterns and fabrics online.  I have discovered that buying fabric from OS on Etsy is much cheaper than buyng online in Australia and it doesn't really take too long to get here.  Ordered fabulous Cloud9 fabric from Oregon less than two weeks ago and have already received it in the mail and made up the new clothes! The world really is becoming a much smaller place these days.

It's been a wonderful couple of days to sew this weekend listening to Radio National and the Sydney Writer's Festival.  Must read Philiph Roth's new book - he is such an amusing raconteur.  So anyway tra la here's my new summery clothes and the view I see while I am zipping away on my overlocker: