Monday, March 1, 2010

Planning the big trip

All my spare time now is consumed by trip planning and booking for our trip to Europe in September - October.  So much fun - nearly as much fun I am sure in the planning and preparation as in the doing.  Will husband and I be able to climb five flights of steps to the magical Roman apartment with the amazing courtyard and bedroom view of a fabulous ancient building?  I have visions of myself as fabulously fit, walking everywhere on this holiday - able to devour a gelato a day easy without creating more love handles!  Hopefully. Today I did an international bank transfer (scary stuff) for the gorgeous little stone farmhouse in south west Dordogne area which will be our home for a week in October.  Slowly slowly like a jigsaw puzzle the trip is coming together.  Should we buy our euros now or wait for the currency rate to keep improving in our favour?  But enough - you aren't coming and this is probably boring you.

Here's a pic of a bag I made on Sunday.  Now that I am not making so much it took me a while to sew it.  I felt almost rusty but it turned out okay.  I have so many bags now.  Off home to visit Izzie now, who has had a grommet operation today. I have a pull along talking dog to give her and loads of nana kisses. 

And hey wonders will never cease - this phoneaphob has bought a mobile phone today.  Guy in the shop was a bit shocked when I chose one  soquickly by colour alone and not by its functions or any other fancy features etc.