Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bags are packed

The room we have booked in Santorini!
Ha - I know two and a half weeks out is a bit obsessive but I'm just working out things well ahead and making adjustments every couple of days - extracting really is hard to keep the packing minimalist though.  Shauna has given heaps of 'tidy travelling' tips and loaded me up with Italy maps, sim card, euros, stamps, extra camera card etc.  I like her advice to pack some padded 2kg postbags for sending purchases home.  'What purchases?,' asks perplexed husband.  Oh dear what a worry.  Also her advice to take all the old undies, wear them once, then chuck away rather than washing for the first week or so!

This time in 3 weeks we will be in Dubai and three days after that in fabulous fabulous Santorini for a week.  The rest of the itinerary includes Athens, Rome (a week), Orvieto, Pompeii, Florence (with instructions how to get to Shauna's recommended leather shop), walking around the Cinque de Terre, Nice, the lovely Dodogne stone farmhouse where Sue joins us (a week), Portugal (a week), Paris, Dubai and home... to an oak tree with leaves and a no-doubt overgrown garden.

I will no doubt miss some of the little folk and a few big ones too. Au revoir...