Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day reflections

Huge sigh of relief - Christmas day is over.  It was brilliant but big as always - too much of everything - emotions, food, alcohol, pressies....  Boxing Day is always welcome for being so low key.  Husband and I alone at home - A prone a lot of the time watching the cricket, me doing what I seem to like doing most of all for relaxation - sewing away.  Made a shoulder bag to take to NZ and a nice spotty top.  Managed also a walk and a swim and a sort of house tidy up.  Lots of ham fillups.  Still thinking of that wonderful salad Claire made up for us yesterday - spinach leaves, pecan nuts, raspberries and persian feta.  Was yum yum.  Bruce's hovering, whizzing, flashing, alien spaceship gizmos the big hit of Xmas - must track some down for James and Zach for the NZ trip.   Bye for now... take care.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

House titivation

Phew - now all the millymaking sewing and markets are over for the year I am concentrating on getting the house ready for our Christmas guests. We realised we've made do without an outside light near the front door for over a year now but better not have the rellies struggling around in the dark trying to find their way to our front door this Christmas. I've ordered a groovy new outdoor light today from an online store selling lighting of every description. Don't you just love online shopping - too easy.

That reminds me - I really must create a website next year for our millymaker products.  Put that on the new year's resolution list... watch this space.

Monday, December 14, 2009

All over red rover

Whahooooo! The market was a great success on Sunday.  A slow start but then it went crazy for a few hours, before a steady stream of shoppers throughout the afternoon.  Sue and I were very pleasantly surprised by how much we made. 

Thanks once again to the lovely girls who run the market - Rebecca, Holly and Heather. Having eftpos available at the market was a great addition.  It was interesting being upstairs in the masonic temple - a bit musty with some strange little dressing rooms with hanging robes in them (what on earth really goes on in these places!!) - but otherwise a great space to share with some very nice people on the other stalls and all our fabulous customers. Thank you to Sue, Shauna, Noella and Helen  - my fellow millymakers, and to all the nice people from my work who came along and supported me.

I am going to give all away my few remaining bags to friends and charity and start the slate clean in 2010 - new ideas, new endeavours. For the moment I feel quite exhausted and all 'sewed out'.  I think it's time to give the Husky a break and to get outside to play in the vegie garden, to go bushwalking, kayaking, swimming too I hope.  Best wishes for a merry Christmas if I don't get to post another blog before then. Chin Chin.

Sue before the shoppers arrived

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One week until the Xmas market

Planned to sew up a storm this weekend but really too much happening.  Chelsea's 6th birthday, Christmas shopping, family visits, and general life-decluttering-pre-Christmas mission... Ah well, what will be will be - we have lots of stock already and it's all about having fun being creative really.  Here's a sample of some shiny packaged goods waiting to be unleashed at the hobart market next Sunday 13 December at the Masonic Lodge, Hobart.  Might see you there?

We will be selling tote bags (each a one-off), the millydilly pouch bags (great inexpensive gift idea for dog walkers, party goers and new mums), Shauna's beautiful lino cut, individually hand-painted cards (each one a work of art in themselves - they look amazing framed) and Noella's quirky jewellery and 'intriguing sleeves'.