Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good riddance to March

I haven't been blogging much as the last month has been a horror one. My daughter had an operation, my granddaughter had an operation and my father was diagnosed with two major illnesses.  It's been a month of angst, a few tears, sleepless nights, teeth grinding, stomach clenching and lots of self talk in an attempt to remain on top of things. I had a special herbal concoction made up at Goulds and it did calm me down - or at least got rid of that imminent heart attack feeling. It's a mixture of rose, lavender, caraway, peppermint, motherwort and blue flag.

My major diversionary activities lately haven’t been very creative but more in the form of Sudoku at airports, in planes and in hospital wards and a bit too much retail therapy. Yikes hope husband doesn't scrutinise the last credit card bill too closely!

I am so glad April is now here and we somehow all got through. Once again I have learnt the lessons that one really does cope somehow, that just as day follows night, good times follow bad times, sunshine follows rain, and that catastrophising is a really bad trait I really do need to keep a handle on.

Easter has been a very welcome break, back into the garden again after too long letting it go.  It was nice to pick a giant pumpkin out of the vegie patch today. And this weekend I've been sewing again too.  Made a red linen skirt with a pocket made from the floral linen scrap I bought at Bellingen. I am really happy with it.  Not sure how much more sewing I will do though - I am craving a new creative outlet.  Might get back to the mosaicing...

Happy Easter.