Wednesday, April 24, 2013

School holiday fun

Lucky me - today spent time with the adorable Ms Eliza aged four and also managed a bit more of my sewing addiction.  A skirt for another granddaughter Chelsea. At times chaos reigned.  I forget that the attention span of a four year old is about ten minutes and also about their amazing ability to rearrange the house while you take your attention away for a minute or so.  But we had fun - drawing, fairy houses, cutting out, peg play (you had to be there), a walk to a park, endless food requests and deliveries (slave nana), book reading, singing (Eliza) - I am not allowed, silly talk and games etc.  And it will be lovely to have another day off work tomorrow for Anzac Day. Life is good.

A rare quiet moment

The finished skirt for Chelsea aged 9

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